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  • n. Plural form of untruth.


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  • Around the same time, Tata crossed swords with Rajeev Chandrasekhar, member of Parliament and the former CEO of BPL Mobile now Loop, refuting what he called untruths and distortion of facts.

    Tata's Hit-And-Miss Strategy

  • The closest we get are some "untruths" -- charges leveled by opponents of course.

    Eric Alterman: The L-word Taboo

  • That these people have lied, egregiously and incessantly and traitorously, and that the lies have been proven to be what they are (i.e., untruths, which is to say, lies), is now indisputable, on-the-record, and in-the-bag.

    Ellis Weiner: A Public Presentation of My Thoughts About Lying

  • A remembrance of the psychic effects of plastic surgery on a high school colleague's noseA return to sanity, and some discourse about Brown University and the origins of its nameAn unmasking and the telling of untruthsI meet the novelist Charles Murrin and we proceed to the MansionI'm shown my glorious roomsAn invitation to drinkI repeat certain untruths, but I'm used to it now, telling untruths, that is

    Wake Up, Sir!

  • Kirk - caught lying about his military record as well as his time teaching nursery school - didn't fare much better, calling his untruths


  • Disproved and disputed claims about his religion and citizenship, namely untruths that Obama is a Muslim and isn't U. S.-born, zip across chat rooms and dominate the blogosphere.

    Canada Free Press

  • But Giannoulias wouldn't use such blunt language in the interview Monday, preferring to accuse Kirk of "untruths" instead of calling his opponent a liar.

    Alexi Giannoulias Touts Independence, Says Obama's Heavy Healthcare Focus Was A Mistake

  • Raw Nerve was even induced to confess a list of "untruths" aimed at Tatchell.

    Progressive activists tussle over Islam and homophobia - Boing Boing

  • Last Thursday, Judith Miller penned a column for the Wall Street Journal in which she accused the new film Fair Game of pushing "untruths" in its telling of the outing of former CIA agent Valerie Plame.

    Doug Liman: Judith Miller Got it Wrong... Again

  • She challenges seven of what she calls the film's "untruths"; among them, claims that Plame played a "key role" in the CIA's counterproliferation division, charged with gathering evidence on Iraq's WMD programs, and that Plame was involved in missions to provide safe havens to Iraqi scientists.

    Doug Liman: Judith Miller Got it Wrong... Again


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