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  • adj. Not won.


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  • What will Democratic voters think when the candidate with the most votes, Hillary, is dumped for the one with more delegates (many "unwon"), especially since Obama has been preened, touted and aggressively pushed by the MSM and the Dem machine from Day One and loaded up with enough money to win a full scale war anywhere else in the world?

    Schneider: Will West Virginia keep Clinton alive?

  • You know, the guys who left us a world economy in near-depression, two unwon wars, and ice caps melting faster than Joe Lieberman and Arlen Specter can change their spots.

    Whose "Day of Reckoning?"

  • I thank God for delivering to us, all Oiler fans and hockey fans together, the makings of real valour, shining in possibility, a glory forever unwon in the world where the Oilers swept or near-swept the series?

    It is On!!! (But not with me, Darling Hubs) @ Attack of the Redneck Mommy

  • So they were engaged in an unending toil, and the end with victory came never to them, and the contest was ever unwon.

    Hesiod, Homeric Hymns, and Homerica

  • If this fight goes unwon, it won ` t be just the radical mullahs in Iraq, but the radicals in Iran and al Qaeda will also swoop in and fill the power vacuum with their terrorist network and continue to try to kill you and me and freedom loving people all across the globe.

    CNN Transcript Jul 9, 2007

  • She has continued to the last unrevealed, unmet, unwon.

    Wessex Tales

  • In one of its many editorials lamenting the plight of Vietnam veterans, the Washington Post reported, "The war was different: limited in its objectives, unconventional in the way it was waged, bitterly controversial even in its early stages, eventually overwhelmingly unpopular and in the end unwon."

    Soldiers of Misfortune

  • The Civil War was as confusing morally as Vietnam, and for at least some Americans it too was "unwon."

    Soldiers of Misfortune

  • Ye kings, I desire ye to answer whether ye regard me as won or unwon.

    The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Translated into English Prose Sabha Parva

  • The son of Suvala then, addressing Yudhishthira said, -- 'O king, there is still one stake dear to thee that is still unwon.

    The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Translated into English Prose Sabha Parva


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