upper-middle-class love



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  • adj. occupying the upper part of the middle socioeconomic range in a society


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  • Secularization at least in terms of organized religion seems to be proceeding more rapidly among less educated Americans.43 If you listen carefully, hymns in American houses of worship are sung increasingly in upper-middle-class accents.44 In this respect, at least, religious institutions appear to be one more setting in which the class divergence over the last three to four decades is manifest.

    American Grace

  • First published in 1959 (after multiple rejections) and now reissued for its 50th anniversary, Mrs. Bridge, which crystallizes the emotions, attitudes, and inchoate yearnings of an upper-middle-class housewife in prewar Kansas City, occupies a strange limbo in American literature.

    Quiet Desperation

  • Poor Americans are more than three times as likely as Americans with upper-middle-class incomes to suffer physical limitations from a chronic illness.

    Yes, it's progressive to cut wasteful goverment spending

  • They do increase the cost, but if you're a certain kind of family and you make maybe an upper-middle-class income, you're really getting socked with big bills.

    'Go Big,' Says Big Labor

  • Instead, they are upper-middle-class, dual-income professionals and small-business owners, many of whom will have incomes in the higher range for only a few years of their lives after spending 20 or more years building a business or building their personal capital through education and hard work.

    The President's Approach to Tax Fairness Is Mistaken

  • In the eyes of this new, right-wing cadre of middle - and upper-middle-class Hindus, India was a civilization before it was a state, and while the state has had to compromise with minorities, the civilization originally was unpolluted (purely Hindu, that is) — even if the truth is far more complex.

    India’s New Face

  • I don't care if upper-middle-class people are able to buy houses for $50K less than they could two years ago.

    PubliCola Expanding News Coverage « PubliCola

  • She was born in 1947 into an upper-middle-class family in Belo Horizonte in southeastern Brazil.

    The Making of Dilma Rousseff

  • He was an upper-middle-class, English gentleman, and one simply did not flaunt religion, for or against, in that sort of way.

    Michael Ruse: Darwin And Atheism

  • It's an upper-middle-class fairytale, complete with its lovely, innocent princess and the handsome, upright princes who fight for her hand.

    Why I love The Good Wife | Deborah Orr


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