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  • v. Present participle of uproot.
  • n. A tearing up.


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  • The unnamed first-person narrator of the eight linked stories in Love and Obstacles survives a similar uprooting from the Balkans to the Midwest.

    2009 September 18 « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • Please, do not take this wrong, I do support and condone your part in uprooting and exposing those who claim to be other than they are or were.


  • Well I hope she keeps her seat available if she don't succeed in uprooting this clone of BUSHS 'from the governor's seat.

    Barbour hopes Hutchison stays in Senate

  • Pakistan should cooperate with India in uprooting this.

    Understanding Mumbai, India and terrorism : Law is Cool

  • The causes for this uprooting are always different, but the result is the same: the uprooted have lost what they had and where they came from and must start life again as handicapped strangers wherever they are allowed to live.

    The Arabs of Palestine

  • It took her husband time to get used to the idea of uprooting, and she admits her grown children had concerns. Front Page

  • Likud rejects the idea of uprooting Jewish settlements or sharing Jerusalem with the Palestinians, she said, adding that "if two states for two peoples was such a magic solution, the Palestinians could have been celebrating their eighth independence day."

    news | WM |

  • The mayor, however, won't even consider the idea of uprooting the town. - News

  • Suddenly Cara was seized with the idea of uprooting their lives, moving to Cambodia and opening a health clinic for the poor.

    KI Media

  • The end of his reign was followed by a period known as deshoukaj or "uprooting" in which Haitians carried out reprisals against Macoutes and regime loyalists, tearing their houses to the ground.

    'Baby Doc' Duvalier back in Haiti after long exile


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