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  • n. An achondrite composed mostly of olivine and clinobronzite with some diamond or graphite

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  • n. See meteorite.


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  • But because astronomers took spectral measurements of 2008 TC3 before it hit the Earth, and can compare those measurements with the laboratory analyses, scientists will be better able to recognize ureilite asteroids in space.

    Asteroid Impact Helps Trace Meteorite Origins | Impact Lab

  • Other forensic evidence based on analysis of the recovered meteorites at the Almahata Sitta site showed the asteroid was an unusual “polymict ureilite” type.

    Understanding 2008 TC3 a Year After Impact | Universe Today

  • To help confirm if any nucleobases seen in meteorites were of extraterrestrial origin, scientists used the latest scientific analysis techniques on samples from a dozen meteorites - 11 organic-rich meteorites called carbonaceous chondrites and one ureilite, a very rare type of meteorite with a different chemical composition.

  • (PhysOrg. com) -- Two new types of ultra-hard carbon crystals have been found by researchers investigating the ureilite class Haverö meteorite that crashed to Earth in Finland in 1971. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Furthermore, the team determined that the meteorite was what astronomers refer to as a polymic ureilite, in other words, a very rare and unusually fragile, dark rock.

    News and Features - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • Having spectral and laboratory information on the meteorites and their parent asteroid will help scientists better identify ureilite asteroids still circling in space.

  • "To my knowledge this is the first report of amino acids in any ureilite-type meteorite," said Daniel Glavin of NASA-Goddard, who collaborated with Callahan and other colleagues on the analysis.

    Signs of the Times


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  • Fascinating! Though at first read I transposed the vowels and was hoping the word had derived from Uriel the archangel. ;-)

    March 26, 2009

  • The researchers studying 2008 TC3 say it was one of a very rare type of meteorite called ureilites, which may have originated from a single parent body.

    BBC, 26/03/09

    from Novo-Urei, a Russian village near which a ureilite meteorite fell c.1888

    March 26, 2009