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  • adj. Like a vagabond.

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  • Like a vagabond; wandering.


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vagabond +‎ -ish


  • What's different now is that Brown is sicker than the public knows, and the public wouldn't be so quick to think he was deviously plotting another vagabondish train-hop if it knew the whole story. - Medical complications may force Brown from bench

  • Author and subject had much in common: Irving had at least a kindly sympathy for the vagabondish inclinations of his predecessor, and with his humorous and cheerful regard of the world; perhaps it is significant of a deeper unity in character that both, at times, fancied they could please an intolerant world by attempting to play the flute.

    Washington Irving

  • The bubbs, one of the basic inventions that made interplanetary travel possible, were, for all their almost vagabondish simplicity, still a concession in lightness and compactness for atmospheric transit, to that first and greatest problem -- breaking the terrific initial grip of Earth's gravity from the ground upward, and gaining stable orbital speed.

    The Planet Strappers

  • But San Francisco, out here as far as it can reach with one foot in the great Pacific, nearly a week from New York and a month away from China, some people wouldn't like it, but something vagabondish in me rejoices to have run away from them all.

    Vignettes of San Francisco

  • She should not have counted on his impulsive and vagabondish mind.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • When this ceremony ended Morcerf called for cigarettes and distributed them among the coterie; then he had leisure to examine Bouche-de-Miel; the latter had turned his back to the counter and leaned his elbows upon it; in this position, with his cigarette between his teeth, he looked the perfect picture of vagabondish idleness.

    Monte-Cristo's Daughter

  • Tethered out upon the vagabondish grass was -- not one motor-car, but three!

    Blue Aloes Stories of South Africa

  • Good heavens, when I so resigned I was headed for the Deanship of the College of Agriculture in that university — I, the star rover, the red-blooded adventurer, the vagabondish Cain of the centuries, the militant priest of remotest times, the moon-dreaming poet of ages forgotten and today unrecorded in man's history of man!

    Chapter 1

  • Kirkwood got out, not without a qualm of regret at leaving the compartment; therein, at least, they had some title to consideration, by virtue of their tickets; now they were utterly vagabondish, penniless adventurers.

    The Black Bag

  • Gideon was not nervous, and saw little need for strategy with this rather vagabondish fellow.

    The Wrong Twin


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