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  • adj. having valence

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having a certain valence or valency.

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  • adj. (chemistry) having valence; usually used in combination


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back-formation from valence


  • When in doubt I'll stick with the old French adage: deux précautions valent mieux qu'une: better to be safe than sorry.

    French Word-A-Day:

  • You might have to shop around for a good price, but "les chaises en valent certainement la peine" (= sure, the chairs are worthwhile).

    clandestin - French Word-A-Day

  • Life is a complex and multi-valent experience, where nuance and thoughtfulness often get us nearer the truth than do bold assertions.

    Amateurism, the Internet and Literary Criticism: by Nigel Beale

  • Plusiers sont vieillies, mais Merriam-Webster, The American Heritage Dictionary, The Oxford English Dictionary (quand il (elle?) arrive) et même Wiktionary valent la peine.

    Unnatural ‘preternaturally’, naturally

  • As one example, I brought up the phenomenon of serotype replacement, which can occur due to the use of what are called “multi-valent vaccines.”

    The Panda's Thumb: Medicine and Evolution Archives

  • Only if we also ban the phrase “highly valent marker of pseudism.”

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Supreme Court Skeptical of Business Method Patents

  • The significance in the futurity of a “we” who learn by asking, however, is of the utmost importance in beginning to understand the multi-valent temporalities of the collectivity in Anglo-Saxon and medieval literature.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • Working in a poetic that is both multi-valent and articulately human, Degentesh creates a space that casually articulates an anger toward the casualness we use to describe the politically grave – a space that, to paraphrase Baudrillard once more, is more casual than casual.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick reads Katie Degentesh

  • They ascribe this to the reaction of water with zero-valent aluminum.

    Rabett Run

  • The latter process appears to be the reaction of H2O plus zero-valent aluminum; this reaction did not proceed to a large extent in the usual desorption tests.

    Rabett Run


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