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  • v. Present participle of vamp.


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  • Let's just try and -- we'll spend a minute and do what we call vamping for a second and see if we can re-establish with Ryan.

    CNN Transcript Mar 22, 2003

  • (Soundbite of accordion) Mr. HANDLER: The first part of the song is called vamping, which simply means that you play the same thing over and over and over and it's a wonderful way to drive people crazy.

    Merritt, Snicket and the 'Tragic Treasury'

  • (In musical theatre it's called "vamping," where the orchestrea plays the same twenty bars of music over and over while the star who missed her entrance is being rushed from her dressing room out onto the stage to sing her big musical number.)

    January 2004

  • Nevertheless, Alison was a witch, or something like one, and Warrick Locke was a man-witch, and Lauralee and Carolyn were little witch's apprentices (although they weren't very good at anything except what Alison called "sex magic" and Eleanor would have called "vamping").

    Phoenix And Ashes

  • Several times every year I had to choose between mortally hurting her feelings, and watching her elaborate "vamping" through eight or ten costly reels.

    They Call Me Carpenter

  • And while in the very act of "vamping" her Tar Heel audience to such an extent that they were unable to look a meal ticket in the face, she was at the same time "double crossing" the ocean, her main support.

    History of the 113th Field Artillery 30th Division

  • Now, I must candidly confess that I do not know what 'vamping' is.


  • I'm kind of vamping on that last bit, no pun intended.

    Major Spoilers - Comic Book Reviews and News

  • One Piece is still just very good, and Oda is kind of vamping as he assembles his core crew and introduces the kinds of adventures they’ll be having for the foreseeable future.

    Crooks and cooks

  • Sprague -- 'vamping' him to get the lead in the Hamilton movie, if Sprague got the job of directing it, "Dundee reminded him.

    Murder at Bridge


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  • "Most vamping is accompanied by clubbing, rough shoving and dragging, gassing and occasional buckshot or rifle fire. The clothing you wear should offer you the best protection possible, yet be light weight enough to allow you to be highly mobile. CS and CN are by far the most commonly employed tear gas dispersibles. Occasionally they are combined with pepper gas to give better results. Pepper gas is a nerve irritant that affects exposed areas of the skin. Clothing that is tight fitting and covers as much of the body surface as possible is advisable. This also offers some protection if you are dragged along the ground. Gloves come in handy as protection and if you want to pick up gas canisters and throw them back at the pigs or chuck them through a store window."

    - Abbie Hoffman, 'Steal This Book', 1971.

    February 18, 2009