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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or caused by variation

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  • Of or pertaining to variation, especially in its biological senses: as, a variational fact or doctrine; variational characters: in the latter instance, synonymous with varietal. Encyc.


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  • This information measure, herein dubbed the variational information, meaningfully assigns a numerical bit-value to arbitrary state transitions of physical systems.

    Dembski may look like a fake-scientist, he may act like a fake scientist,

  • "Anytime you see some kind of variational depth in a rock like this, you interpret it to mean there is some kind of chemical alteration that has taken place since the rock was first exposed on the surface," Squyres explained.

    Planetary Society Daily Almanac

  • I suspect there is some extremal principle here, where the tuning is some variational principle on a partition function which results in a greatest upper bound on the measure of complexity which can exist in a local region.

    Death in the Sky: M31 Shreds its Satellites | Universe Today

  • Calculating integrals and minimizing functions for many-parameter variational wave functions of semiconductor nanostructures in very high magnetic fields was much more on my mind.

    Wolfram Blog : Making the Mathematica 6 Spikey

  • Neither would they seem necessarily to be only convenient mathematical fictions, as, for example, are the physically impossible dynamical evolutions of a system one integrates over in the variational derivation of the Euler-Lagrange equations, for, as we have remarked, many physicists and philosophers seem eager to find such a construction for the purpose of bestowing substantive and clear ontic status on singular structure.

    Singularities and Black Holes

  • Of particular importance here is the application of the variational principle to the QM of such systems.

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Quantum Mechanics, But Were Afraid to Ask

  • Each form is reachable by small, selectable variational steps from simpler forms.

    Blind Mice vs Behe; the Evolution of Vision - The Panda's Thumb

  • Rather, they suggest that the pre-variationists held two variational beliefs that the transformationists did not: (1) that organisms inherit the traits of their parents regardless of their adaptive value and (2) that differential survival is relevant to species adaptation.

    Intuitive Essentialism (IV)

  • Now evidently Dembski has read Cosma Shalizi's critique of an earlier version of this paper here, but for the life of me, other than admitting Shalizi is right that Dembski's "variational information" really is a special case of the more general Rényi information, I can't find anything "revised" in this paper.

    Dembski may look like a fake-scientist, he may act like a fake scientist,

  • Wavefunctions for these excitations were proposed and their computed variational energies found to match the experimental activation energy for the parallel conductance in the plateau regions.

    Robert B. Laughlin - Autobiography


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