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  • noun Plural form of veil.


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  • Bertram was sufficiently weary of living in a country in which the women go about with their faces hidden by long dirty stripes of calico, which they call veils, and in which that little which is seen of the ladies by no means creates a wish to see more.

    The Bertrams

  • Personally, I prefer to cloak my autobiographical statements in veils of fiction, in pretty words.

    The Greatest Love Song Ever

  • If the ad company, or the gym, wanted to be original, cutting edge, and pushing the so-called envelope, they would have a bunch of middle eastern women in veils painting a naked Imam.

    Naked Man Ads Piss Off Catholics

  • At a time when many are throwing off the shackles of the past, Jewish fundamentalists observe their revealed Law more stringently than ever before, and Muslim women, repudiating the freedoms of Western women, shroud themselves in veils and chadors.

    Excerpt: The Battle For God by Karen Armstrong

  • They perilously skirted and sometimes dropped into treacherous crevasses camouflaged by thin veils of snow.

    The Crossing of Antarctica

  • She lay on one of the hard pink-sprigged couches and watched the other passengers, friendly and natural, pinning their hats to the bolsters, taking off their boots and skirts, opening dressing-cases and arranging mysterious rustling little packages, tying their heads up in veils before lying down.

    Bliss, and Other Stories

  • The girls here all wear – for protection – green muslin veils and gloves.

    England's Effort: Letters to an American Friend

  • 'The latest things in veils,' said Miss Levering, smiling, as she caught up hers.

    The Convert

  • You wish to buy veils from the handsome young salesman!

    Hauff's Fairy Tales, Translated and Adapted

  • My hair was all tucked up under the tarbash, and I wore one of the Bedawin veils to the waist, only showing a bit of face.

    The Romance of Isabel, Lady Burton


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