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  • n. Alternative form of vinatico.

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  • n. See vinatico.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as vinatico.


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  • Omnium nobilium sufficientia in eo probatur si venatica noverint, si aleam, si corporis vires ingentibus poculis commonstrent, si naturae robur numerosa venere probent, &c. 3644.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Then accompa-nied-in what the venatica called "the interest of geologic science," though it was really an armed surveillance.

    The Dark Queen

  • Regardless of the guards and venatica, one road remains for our people.

    The Dark Queen

  • Of the venatica, the hunters and spies in the hire of Istarian clergy.

    The Dark Queen

  • -- A herd of hartebeests passed close to our huts, pursued by a pack of six wild dogs (_Hyaena venatica_).

    Six Months at the Cape

  • The animal described in the text evidently was a specimen of the hunting leopard, _Felis jubata (F. guttata, F. venatica) _.

    Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official

  • There is another variety, which is a sort of link between the hyena and the dog, called the venatica.

    The Mission; or Scenes in Africa

  • (_odoratio quaedam venatica_), -- a good scent for truth and beauty, -- it appears as extravagance, whimsicality, eccentricity, or insanity, according to its degree of aberration.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Works

  • It seems to be the Chien Sauvage or Cynhyene (Cynhyaena venatica) of the French traveller M. Delegorgue, who in his “Voyage dans l’Afrique Australe,” minutely and diffusely describes it.

    First footsteps in East Africa

  • "wilde-honden," very absurdly named by sapient naturalists _Hyena venatica_ or "hunting hyena," and by others, with equal absurdity the

    Popular Adventure Tales


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  • See also vinatico.

    July 19, 2015

  • The hyena and the vulture are the scavengers of the tropical regions. The hyena devours what the vulture leaves, which is the skin and bones of a dead carcass. Its power of jaw is so great, that it breaks the largest bone with facility.”

    “In Africa there are four hyenas:— The common spotted hyena, or wolf of the colonists, whose smell is so offensive that dogs leave it with disgust after it is killed; its own fellows will, however, devour it immediately. The striped or ferocious hyena, called the shard-wolf; and another, which the colonists call the bay-wolf, and which I believe to be the one known as the laughing hyena. There is another variety, which is a sort of link between the hyena and the dog, called the venatica. It hunts in packs, and the colonists term it the wild honde. It was first classed by Burchell the traveller. This last is smaller, but much fiercer, than the others.”

    -The Mission; or Scenes in Africa by Frederick Marryat, 1845

    July 18, 2015