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  • n. A stage in the ripening process of grapes. It is the relatively short period during which the firm, green berries begin to soften and change colour.


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From French véraison


  • We were interested in characterizing ripening initiation ( 'veraison') in grape berries at the protein level in order to better define the molecular control of this important process for grape growers and wine makers.

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  • Early light exposure on the fruit achieved from well-balanced vines, a vertically split trellis system, and aggressive cluster thinning at veraison all contribute to great food-friendly, "varietally correct" reds in the FL.

    Red, With Envy: Assessing 2007 Finger Lakes Reds

  • Two hailstorms took their toll on the vineyard, but in retrospect it saved us from having to do a lot of cluster thinning at veraison.

    Niagara's 2008 Vintage: Growing Season Expectations

  • We have 26 syrah vines and wage a constant battle with the raccoons, who are crafty enough to push the bird netting up against the vines and pull the grapes through the openings–we have had to resort to an electrified fence once veraison has begun.

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  • Instead, he found a connection between soil drainage and wine quality: the best terroirs, he found, were the ones where the soils are free draining, with water tables high enough to ensure a regular supply of water to the roots up until the time the berries change color (called veraison).

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  • The model that you analyzed above is for the veraison date and involves a 3rd degree polynomial.

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  • In other words, after all of the calculations of veraison dates and flowering dates, after all the analysis of photosynthetic rates, after all of that … the raw harvest dates are a better predictor of the Dijon temperatures than the Chuine calculated temperature … go figure.

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  • With a standard deviation of 3.8 days, the 95% confidence interval of the delay between veraison and harvest is ±7.6 days.

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  • This yields a 95% confidence interval on the veraison to harvest dates of about 3/4 of a degree.

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  • The second problem is that the difference between veraison and harvest dates depends on rain.

    Keenan's Comment on Chuine « Climate Audit


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  • In a wine vineyard, when the grapes begin to take on color (red for red grapes and yellow for green grapes) and sugar begins to heighten during maturation. Harvest is not far off.

    August 10, 2009