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  • n. Life insurance policies which are sold at a discount to the face amount, or death benefit, of people who have been medically determined to have life expectancies (L/E's) of less than two (2) years to live.

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  • Things carried or taken along in traveling; baggage, especially military baggage; impedimenta.


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From Latin word viaticum which loosely interpreted means, "preparation for a long journey".


  • The whole concept of viaticals is uncomfortable to me -- it's like another form of predatory loan -- and I'm glad you tackled it.

    An Idea To Die For

  • He attended a seminar on "viaticals," a strategy popular in the early 1990s that was tailored to terminally ill AIDS patients wanting to sell their life-insurance policies.

    An Insurance Man Builds

  • Fraud and investigations of alleged fraud in viaticals have happened in Vermont, Ohio, Maryland and other states.

    The Coming Death Bubble

  • These banks will then package and resell those bonds (or viaticals) "to investors, like big pension funds, who will receive the payouts when people with the insurance die".

    The Coming Death Bubble

  • This might be one of those ideas like the viaticals that Simon writes about.

    What's a body worth? Calculate it!

  • I made rules surrounding viaticals much more far ranging.

    A Killer Idea

  • Adore writers who can make things like viaticals and workplace/boardroom culture interesting and menacing.

    A Killer Idea

  • Mr. Buerger never sold viaticals, but he concluded that the idea of buying life-insurance payouts could be applied to a much larger pool.

    An Insurance Man Builds

  • Vulture - A seller of securitized viaticals, according to

    NPR Topics: News

  • Later, as improved drug therapies began commuting what had once been an AIDS death sentence, the viaticals business became less attractive to investors as life spans stretched from months into years, and then decades.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion


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