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  • n. A graph (or similar chart) produced as a transparency for use with an overhead projector

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  • n. a transparency for use with an overhead projector


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  • Presented with a chance to boldly revisit the future Nelson's and Bailey Hutchinson's constituents (aided and abetted by the viewgraph engineers from Alabama) gave us astronauts zooming around in a tin ball built from Shuttle spare parts and rusty Apollo-era hardware - behold our brave new world.

    Bill Nelson Continues To Block NASA Administrator Nominees - NASA Watch

  • But if it's just a bunch of viewgraph engineering with no real trajectory analysis for Orion+LAS, then shame on them.

    Ares 1 Abort Study Update - NASA Watch

  • Why are there any missions on there that haven't performed their mission yet (e.g. Dawn), haven't launched yet (LRO), or aren't even much past the viewgraph stage (JWST)!

    Mission Madness - NASA Watch

  • As a president of the International Astronautical Federation, 20 years later, he presented a viewgraph how spaceflight might go on.

    Would You Bring Back NGLT-or SLI? - NASA Watch

  • All of the apps run slow as hell and their "Powerpoint" application is so horrible that it took 15 to 30 seconds for each viewgraph to display during a presentation.

    The OpenOffice Mouse - Boing Boing

  • At last month's annual shareholders 'meeting, Mr. Hayward decried the glitz of BP's previous culture, saying: "We thought it was all about doing deals and the latest flashiest viewgraph presentation."

    BP's Worsening Spill Crisis Undermines CEO's Reforms

  • “If you said ‘humans’ and ‘Mars’ [to NASA officials] in the same sentence, you would receive a figurative slap on the face, and then four months later [the moon-to-Mars plan] was the main point on a viewgraph at the highest levels.”

    Scientists Oppose New Moon Mission »

  • At the time, all the studies concluded that an 8 meter observatory could be built for the target price of $500 M in FY96 dollars, not counting civil service salaries, technology development, or the operations phase, but the designs were at the level of "viewgraph engineering" in the days when NASA was under the spell of "faster, better, cheaper," so it should not be surprising that later details have driven up the cost.

    John C. Mather - Autobiography

  • And Steve, I did my control panels the same way only I used paint shop to create the panels in large scale and then reduced them down onto viewgraph slides.

    Firefly Ship Works Ltd. » Blog Archive » FX Friday: Jupiter 2

  • The former vice president clicks up a viewgraph showing the human population has grown more during his lifetime than in all previous history combined.

    Think Progress » AEI Letter Offers $10,000 Payments Only For Views Critical Of The IPCC Report


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  • What can you do with a graph if you don't see it?

    What is the difference between a viewgraph and a plain-old diagram?

    January 29, 2007