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  • n. A blend of red chilis, tamarind, and other spices, such as ginger, cumin, and mustard seeds.
  • n. Any of various dishes of southern and central India made with this spice blend.

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  • n. A blend of chilis, tamarind, ginger, cumin, and mustard seeds, originally from Goa.
  • n. A hot curry made with this spice.


Probably Konkani (Indic language of western India) vindalu, from Portuguese vin d'alho : vinho, vin, wine (from Latin vīnum) + de, of (from Latin ; see de-) + alho, garlic (from Latin ālium).
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
Probably from the Portuguese vin d’alho ("wine and garlic sauce"), from vinho ("wine") (whence the English vinho) + alho ("garlic"). Not related to aloo, but by confusion with this term the dish is often based on potatoes. (Wiktionary)


  • I love Indian food and have been working up my heat tolerance but vindaloo is still beyond me at this point.

    Tried & True Goan Style Vindaloo

  • LK - Healthy Delicious said ... vindaloo is my absolute favorite!

    Tried & True Goan Style Vindaloo

  • Like many dishes common to southern India, vindaloo is highly spices with mustard seed and chiles, which the Portuguese also brought along with them.

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  • Celine J. Marbeck, a Malacca-born Cristang and author of "Cuzinhia Cristang," a book on Malaccan-Portuguese cuisine, notes that the dish has many ingredients in common with the sour and fiery Goan curry called vindaloo including vinegar, dried chilies, garlic and turmeric.

    The Dish: Curry Debal

  • The yoghurt is only there because the vindaloo was a bit too hot.


  • For someone who relishes spice, the go-to-dish is the chicken or lamb vindaloo, which is prepared with tangy and spicy sauces.

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  • I mean, really, I already like vindaloo, which is from Goa, which is in the south.

    Tigers & Strawberries

  • I really have no idea what the term means, except that this preparation is from the coastal state of Goa, the land that brings us those other exotic-sounding curries like the "vindaloo" and "cafreal".

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • Dozens of comments, and not a one yet from that politically correct moron who thinks that the word "vindaloo" is racist and that holocaust denial and doubts about global warming are equivalent?

    Re: this upcoming historic joint appearance

  • Australian anti-Indian violence 'vindaloo' campaign proves runaway red-hot global success - Articles related to Australian captain Ricky Ponting involved in umpiring row


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