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  • n. A blend of red chilis, tamarind, and other spices, such as ginger, cumin, and mustard seeds.
  • n. Any of various dishes of southern and central India made with this spice blend.

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  • n. A blend of chilis, tamarind, ginger, cumin, and mustard seeds, originally from Goa.
  • n. A hot curry made with this spice.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Probably Konkani (Indic language of western India) vindalu, from Portuguese vin d'alho : vinho, vin, wine (from Latin vīnum) + de, of (from Latin ; see de-) + alho, garlic (from Latin ālium).

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Probably from the Portuguese vin d’alho ("wine and garlic sauce"), from vinho ("wine") (whence the English vinho) + alho ("garlic"). Not related to aloo, but by confusion with this term the dish is often based on potatoes.


  • I love Indian food and have been working up my heat tolerance but vindaloo is still beyond me at this point.

    Tried & True Goan Style Vindaloo

  • LK - Healthy Delicious said ... vindaloo is my absolute favorite!

    Tried & True Goan Style Vindaloo

  • Like many dishes common to southern India, vindaloo is highly spices with mustard seed and chiles, which the Portuguese also brought along with them.

    Tigers & Strawberries » Vindaloo Voodoo

  • Celine J. Marbeck, a Malacca-born Cristang and author of "Cuzinhia Cristang," a book on Malaccan-Portuguese cuisine, notes that the dish has many ingredients in common with the sour and fiery Goan curry called vindaloo including vinegar, dried chilies, garlic and turmeric.

    The Dish: Curry Debal

  • The yoghurt is only there because the vindaloo was a bit too hot.


  • For someone who relishes spice, the go-to-dish is the chicken or lamb vindaloo, which is prepared with tangy and spicy sauces.

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  • I mean, really, I already like vindaloo, which is from Goa, which is in the south.

    Tigers & Strawberries

  • I really have no idea what the term means, except that this preparation is from the coastal state of Goa, the land that brings us those other exotic-sounding curries like the "vindaloo" and "cafreal".

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  • Dozens of comments, and not a one yet from that politically correct moron who thinks that the word "vindaloo" is racist and that holocaust denial and doubts about global warming are equivalent?

    Re: this upcoming historic joint appearance

  • Australian anti-Indian violence 'vindaloo' campaign proves runaway red-hot global success - Articles related to Australian captain Ricky Ponting involved in umpiring row


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  • "In the early days, Europe's pioneers in the East had little choice but to assimilate, Portuguese, Dutch, and English alike eating Indian food and developing their own fusion cuisine, of which vindaloo is perhaps the classic example.* Whereas in the days of the Raj there evolved a parallel white man's cuisine, the dreadful white and brown sauces that still linger on in some of India's wealthy households and boarding schools....

    *The name derives from the Portuguese for 'wine' (vinho) and 'garlic' (d'alho): wine and garlic sauce. The dish is effectively Portuguese India on a plate, the pork and vinegar of Europe married with the ginger and cardamom of India."

    --Jack Turner, _Spice: The History of a Temptation_ (NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004), 305

    December 6, 2016