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  • v. Present participle of vine.
  • adj. Growing in the manner of a vine; twisting and entwining.
  • n. The action of the verb to vine.


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  • It helps to research each plant's spacing needs and growing habits: Some vegetables grow upright, others trail along the ground and still others have a vining habit.

    Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes

  • Growing vining veggies on trellises and the like extends the real estate into the air, sort of like a Manhattan skyscraper.

    Groundwork: The beet generation

  • The half partition now separating the two rooms held a jungle of vining green plants that thrived on the humidity.

    Captured by Moonlight

  • The plantings of perennials have been usurped by this vining ground cover, a passalong from Mae and Mickey.

    The Short Lived Among Us « Fairegarden

  • The copper vining piece is based on a 30s design by French interiors designer Edoard Benedictus, while the copper deer references old tapestries thus representing feminine/textile history.

    Mid-day blog post

  • Glad to see that the purple vining flower growing on the deck of my new house is a morning-glory.

    Scenes of Home

  • The bed itself was covered in thick Egyptian cotton sheets in sky blue with embossed golden threads shot through in a vining pattern.


  • As for the thinking about a lattice surround and lots of vining plantings to set off the coral bark maple?

    Twiggy « Fairegarden

  • Under this, the lower berry bushes and vining plants grow.


  • The greenhouse will be covered in vining peas by then.

    I Kale Your Name* « Fairegarden


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