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  • adj. Subject to inspection or visitation: a hospital that was visitable by state officials.
  • adj. Accessible or open: a wildlife preserve visitable only during the summer months.

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  • adj. Capable of being visited.

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  • adj. Liable or subject to be visited or inspected.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Liable or subject to be visited or inspected; admitting of visitation or inspection. The next morning we set out again, in order to see the Sanctuaries and other visitable places upon Mount Olivet.


visit +‎ -able (Wiktionary)


  • In redesigning the city's zoning code, proposals are being debated that would allow seniors to rent out their upper floors, and to require that a certain amount of new housing be what's called "visitable" — with such things as ramp entrances, wide hallways and at least a half-bathroom on the main floor, she said.

    Aging boomers strain cities built for the young

  • There had been some traction for requiring a percentage of homes in new subdivisions to be what's called visitable, which would include, you know, zero entry, no steps, wide doorways, adaptable bathrooms and kitchens, so perhaps there are no grab bars, but the bracing behind the walls would be there.

    Helping Seniors Grow Old At Home, Safely

  • And what my many trips to the magic islands between Japan and the United States have shown me is that when the time comes I can be more soulful and content like all the inspiring people I keep meeting on the six "visitable" islands of Hawaii.

    Judy Wieder: Take The Hawaiian Cure

  • Some of them, too, were clever enough to discover, what a pleasant and altogether "visitable" lady was Mrs. Halifax, daughter of the late Mr. March, a governor in the West Indies, and cousin of Mr. Brithwood of the Mythe.

    John Halifax, Gentleman

  • Some of them, too, were clever enough to discover, what a pleasant and altogether "visitable" lady was

    John Halifax, Gentleman

  • From increased awareness and understanding comes increased support: for visitability initiatives, for changes to bylaws requiring visitable and adaptable housing, such as the bylaws adopted by the District of Saanich, and for favouring visitability practices when buying a home.

    Do It Myself Blog – Glenda Watson Hyatt » 2009 » July

  • Ms. GINZLER: Yeah, all homes that are built, new homes, have to be visitable.

    Helping Seniors Grow Old At Home, Safely

  • There are dozens of communities around the country who are taking little steps, either as Elinor explained, you know, they give a carrot or a stick to encourage homebuilders to include, make a house visitable and have some of these basics, no-step entries and wide doorways and so forth.

    Helping Seniors Grow Old At Home, Safely

  • And one that is fully visitable, even if the full-on citizenship experience is a bit tougher to come by.

    Our Motherhood, Our Selves | Her Bad Mother

  • The Chicago Sun-Times wrote March 21 about the growing popularity of visitable homes in Chicago as more people age into mobility impairments.

    Access stories make the news


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  • 1605 COKE Reports v. 15/2 All religious or Ecclesiastical houses, whereof the king was founder, are..only visitable and corrigible by the kings ecclesiasticall Commission.

    May 4, 2008