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  • n. A cup of wine drunk with spices or other small accompaniments, taken before retiring to bed or before the departure of guests; also, a larger snack or small meal taken in similar circumstances.


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From Anglo-Norman.


  • King and his mate; they brake bread together and drank cups of renown, till the voidee cup was borne in.

    Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair

  • So the voidee cup was drunk, and Osberne led the Knight to his bed and gave him good-night.

    The Sundering Flood

  • Then the cup went round and they drank late into the night, and when they had drunk the voidee cup, Osberne led the newcomer to the guest-chamber, and kissed him with good-night, but made no show of knowing who he was.

    The Sundering Flood

  • At night the cupboard in the hall was of twelve stages mainly furnished with garnish of gold and silver vessul, and a banquet of seventy dishes, and after a voidee of spices and suttleties with thirty six spice-plates; all at the charges of sir Thomas Pope.

    Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth

  • But at last rose up Stephen the Eater and spake: "Meat and drink and lodging is free without price to every comer to Wethermel, and most oft, as here it is, our good will goes with it; yet meseemeth that since these friends of ours come belike from the outlands and countries where is more tidings than mostly befalleth here, it might please them to make us their debtors by saying us some lay, or telling us some tale; for we be not bustled to drink the voidee cup now, these nights of Midsummer, when night and day hold each other's hands throughout the twenty-four hours."

    The Sundering Flood


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  • a last minute snack.

    February 5, 2008