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  • adj. Having no vote; denied a vote or the right to vote.

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  • adj. Without a vote; not allowed a vote.

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  • Having no vote; not entitled to a vote.

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  • adj. deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote


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vote +‎ -less


  • KING: Well, I would hope -- let me just say what he always said, which is, a voteless people is a powerless people.

    CNN Transcript Aug 22, 2003

  • The ultimate test of American democracy, historian Taylor Branch says, “is whether we can protect our voteless, most vulnerable group—children—without whom there is no future.” So I hope you will join the human posse to rescue our vulnerable children from political predators.

    Marian Wright Edelman: Stop Political Lions from Attacking Our Children: Join the Rescue Posse

  • For, when one started crunching the numbers, it turned out that in states with permanent disenfranchisement upwards of a quarter of African American male adults were voteless.

    Sasha Abramsky: America's Disenfranchisement Scandal

  • John Major thought the same - he instead had what he later called a "voteless recovery".

    Prepare for Brown's green shoot optimism

  • Their preliminary accord last August held out the promise of talks aimed at granting full political rights to the country's voteless black majority.

    High Noon: Mandela Versus De Klerk

  • Stray displaced big shots were to turn up in the lobbies of the convention hotels, later that summer, uncredentialed, ticketless, voteless and forlorn; they were like officials of a government-in-exile and would tell their horror stories of "infiltration" and "putsch" over and over to the press.

    The Goldwater Precedent

  • I hate the racial arrogance which decrees that the good things of life shall be retained as the exclusive right of a minority of the population, and which reduces the majority of the population to a position of subservience and inferiority, and maintains them as voteless chattels to work where they are told and behave as they are told by the ruling minority.

    Address by ANC President Jacob Zuma at the celebration of the 90th birthday of former President Nelson Mandela

  • A law of 1880 prohibited any corporation from employing “in any capacity any Chinese or Mongolian”; in 1882, segregated schools for Asians there were already segregated schools for blacks were authorized.65 The racial minorities—blacks, Chinese, native Americans—voteless or powerless, were strangers at the pluralist table.

    A History of American Law

  • A huge meeting was recently held at which our voteless congressional delegate, Ms. Eleanor Holmes Norton, and the civic leaders of the adjoining states all spoke up.

    A Washingtonian Looks At His City

  • Western politicians wanted everybody to vote, and on occasion even welcomed the poor and voteless Indians.



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