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  • n. Plural form of vowel.


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  • One was trained to do breathing exercises daily, while the other did 30 minutes of throat exercises, including swallowing and chewing motions, placing the tip of the tongue against the front of the palate and sliding it back, and pronouncing certain vowels quickly and continuously.

    Exercises to Strengthen the Throat Can Relieve Sleep Apnea | Impact Lab

  • I was a little concerned that he was still only talking in vowels (since the book I read said he should be using consonants by around six months) and a few days later he was babbling with plenty of consonants (mamama, bababa, etc.).

    By the book

  • Certain vowels seem shallow, especially the open "O" vowel, which played a prominent part in the program.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • Now when trying to portray an alien, a far future or fantasy culture, it certainly provides a distinct ambiance if your character is named “Gnzdhnt” or some other combination remarkably lacking in vowels, but it also means that every time you eyes run into the name, your brain does a mental hiccup as it tries to process this strange thing.

    The Heinlein Voice « Hyperpat’s HyperDay

  • To simply ignore all unstressed vowels is an English peculiarity that is rare elsewhere.

    Giant hoatzins of doom

  • Distinguishing between certain English vowels can be very tough for a French person.

    in bed with petite

  • Part I: Getting Started Main vowels The three main Arabic vowels are: fatHah: The first main vowel in Arabic is called a fatHa (feht-hah).

    Arabic for Dummies

  • In Chinese names, consonants are generally pronounced as in English, vowels as in Italian.

    The Sayings Of Confucius

  • Se-quo-yah discovered that the language possessed certain musical sounds, such as we call vowels, and dividing sounds, styled by us consonants.

    Se-quo-yah; from Harper's New Monthly, V.41

  • The rules for pronouncing them are simple; consonants have the sounds usual in English, vowels have the Latin value, that is, a is ah, e is ay, i is ee, o is oh, and u is oo.

    White Shadows in the South Seas


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  • Reading is really like trying to hit one tossed stone with another; the consonants are the stones, the vowels their velocity.

    --Milorad Pavic, 1988, Dictionary of the Khazars

    March 21, 2008