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  • n. Any plant of the genus Arum, especially the cuckoopint.


wake +‎ robin (Wiktionary)


  • If procidentia ani be attended with a discharge of blood, pare off the rind of the root of wakerobin, then pound and mix flour with it, and apply it warm as a cataplasm.

    On Fistulae

  • Having boiled the leaves of the wakerobin in wine and oil, apply a bandage.

    On Ulcers

  • When enough has been rubbed in, lay aside the medicine, and apply boiled wakerobin in a soft state, either rubbing it in dry, or moistening it with honey.

    On Ulcers

  • Another: - Sprinkle on it dried wakerobin, and add the green bark of the fig-tree, pounding it in the juice: do this with or without wine, and along with honey.

    On Ulcers

  • Another liquid medicine: - The herb, the leaf of which resembles the arum (wakerobin) in nature, but is white, downy, of the size of the ivy-leaf: this herb is applied with wine, or the substance which forms upon the branches of the ilex, when pounded with wine, is to be applied.

    On Ulcers

  • So far the comments haven't mentioned the *other* lambs-quarters, Trillium erectum, also known colloquially as bethroot, birthroot, wakerobin, Indian balm, Indian shamrock, squaw root, and ground lily. MUSKOGEAN AND LAMB'S-QUARTERS.


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  • Isn't this also called birthroot? Not nearly as nifty, of course.

    September 17, 2009

  • One of 3 species of Trillium that occur in Florida. Also wake-robin. My favorite plant common name to date.

    September 17, 2009