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  • n. The youngest of a family; a bird in the nest; hence, any feeble, ill-grown creature.


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    Also wallydrag, wallidrag, -draggle, -dragle, -tragle, warydraggel, -draggle, etc. (Cf. drag, draggle)

    1808 J. Jamieson, An etymological dictionary of the Scottish language — n., A feeble, ill-grown person or animal; a worthless, slovenly person, esp. a woman.
    "It appears primarily to signify the youngest of a family, who is often the feeblest. It is sometimes used to denote the youngest bird in a nest."

    1826 J. Galt, Last of the Lairds — "It's just like a cuckoo dabbing a wallydraigle out o' the nest."

    1873 W. Alexander, Johnny Gibb — "Yon bit pernicketty wallydraggle!"

    August 2, 2008

  • A worthless, slovenly woman.

    July 11, 2008