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  • noun A club of wood, bone, or other material used in warfare. Such clubs show great variety in form and workmanship, and are found among nearly all primitive peoples.


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  • What characterized them was the clumsiness of too great strength — the clumsiness which the tyro betrays when he crushes butterflies with battering rams and hammers out vignettes with a war-club.

    Chapter 27

  • In some way he had got hold of a heavy war-club, and at close quarters it was a far more efficient weapon than a rifle.


  • Whereupon Lone Chief leaped up the bank war-club in hand and a great war-cry on his lips, and dashed into the village.


  • The first man he met was Itwilie, chief over the Mukumuks, and him Lone Chief smote upon the head with his war-club, so that he fell dead upon the ground.


  • And at night, where I lay bound like a wild pig for the slaying, and they slept weary by the fire, she crept upon them and brained them with the war-club that with my hands I had fashioned.

    Chapter 21

  • He had a lance, a little round shield on his arm, and a war-club hung from his belt.


  • This pistol meant nothing to the chief, but he must have been taken by its strange shape and was carrying it as savages will wear useless trinkets, or perhaps he thought it a sort of war-club.

    The Moon of Skulls

  • A sharp blow of a war-club upon the chest felled our comrade, who was in the rear and unseen.

    First footsteps in East Africa

  • They were clad in brilliantly-painted cloths, and the soldiers were armed with the saw-toothed war-club, the bow and arrows barbed and poisoned with the juice of the euphorbium, the cutlass, the “sima,” a long sabre (also with saw-like teeth), and some small battle-axes.

    Five Weeks in a Balloon

  • Somali weapons are the spear, dagger, and war-club; the bow and poisoned arrows are peculiar to the servile class, who know

    First footsteps in East Africa


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