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  • n. A type of small family-owned business — often a casual, usually outdoor restaurant (or convenience store) — in Indonesia.


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  • While guidebooks and hotel concierges may warn you that eating at a warung is a little like playing Russian roulette with your stomach, they are probably being overly cautious.

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  • There's a small "warung" at the harbour where we can order a lunch box and choose our drinks.

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  • They even have small shops in which we called them as "warung" back in my country.

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  • Too labor-intensive and time-consuming to prepare at home, the dish is most often purchased from a street-side vendor or eaten at a warung.

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  • "In Yogya, if we want really good food we go to a warung," she says.

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  • At this simple warung it's mostly about the bird, which possesses a straightforward flavor mostly unfettered by spices.

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  • The invention of ayam goreng Yogya-style is credited to one Nini Ronodikromo, a local woman nicknamed Mbok Berek, who began selling bumbu solution-poached fried chicken topped with fried crumbles as a roving vendor in the 1950s and then, in the '60s, opened a warung

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  • Mbok Berek's ayam goreng borrowed heavily from a version made in Kalasan, a village about 50 kilometers from Yogyakarta; the Mbok Berek chain of eateries that grew out of her warung employs the slogan "Ayam Desa Masuk Kota," roughly translated as "village chicken that's come to the city."

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  • Malem, abis mandi [sekali buat tiga hari-rencananya xD],, cari2 makan ... bareng2 jalan2 malem2 soalnya menurut gosip warung terdekat sekitar 1,5 km jadi kalo semuanya mao bareng ga bisa pake motor ... eh,, kayanya ga nyambung xPP~ ya gitu deh,, xDD yang jelas satu tim jalan semua bareng2 hohoho sambil njayus di jalan xP~

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  • Yang satu mampir ke warung,, yang satu lagi mendekat ke kereta bayi yang ada Hacchan-nya,, trus senyum ke Hacchan.

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  • Indonesian: a small eating house or roadside food stall, usually very informal.

    November 29, 2011