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  • n. Loss, damage, or depreciation resulting from ordinary use and exposure.

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  • n. damage or depreciation resulting from ordinary use

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  • n. See under Wear, n.
  • n. the loss by wearing, as of machinery in use; the loss or injury to which anything is subjected by use, accident, etc.

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  • n. decrease in value of an asset due to obsolescence or use


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  • I never heard of a system either of philosophy or religion, that could solve all the difficulties and perplexities of our position in this world; they all fall to pieces, and get themselves disproved in the common wear and tear of life; we have to fight for the creed or system we adopt; we are obliged to make laws for its furtherance and preservation; instead of finding it what it professes to be, a teacher and guide for ourselves; it is a regular King Log, without King Log's inoffensiveness.

    Zoe: The History of Two Lives

  • With our rapid successes, which will try the brain of the stoutest, and our as sudden reverses, toppling in a day the stateliest pile that energy and opportunity can rear, what must be the wear and tear of that central force, which is at once the driving-wheel and motive power of our business activity -- the nervous system?

    Annual Report of the Board of Directors and the Superintendent of the North Carolina Insane Asylum, for the Year Ending November 30, 1884.

  • Dogs on vacation, boarding at the Cedarwild Animal School, were given every opportunity to recuperate from the hardships and wear and tear of from six months to a year and more on the road.


  • The weathered face, brown-browed and strongly boned, and deeply furrowed now by the wear and tear of sixty-five years, gazing back at him from wide-set and wide open eyes of a dark, autumnal brown, let him in honestly to the mind within.

    Brother Cadfael's Penance

  • The wear and tear this saves on the body is the difference between a cherry and a beater.

    La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth

  • The Andromatic robot aroused itself from the semidormant state it assumed to recharge its batteries and repair any minor wear and tear its mechanical components had sustained during its last active period.

    Phule me twice

  • Ultimately, after events had proved Jellicoe correct about bringing out the entire Grand Fleet, Churchill attempted to defend the Admiralty’s bad decision: “A great deal of cruising had been imposed on the fleet owing to the unprotected state of Scapa and it was desirable to save wear and tear of machinery as much as possible.

    Castles of Steel

  • Gathered out of the confusion of nature, built up of fragments of the old Devonian rock and shale, laid with due regard to the wear and tear of time, well-bottomed and well-capped, establishing boundaries and defining possessions, etc., these lines of stone wall afford a good lesson in many things besides wall building.

    My Boyhood

  • The wear and tear of spring storms and melting snows had underwashed the bank and in one place had made a small cave out of a narrow fissure.

    The Lair


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