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  • adj. Resembling a web.

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  • adj. having open interstices or resembling a web


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  • Thus, throughout the organization of the Oligarchy, our own organization, weblike and spidery, was insinuating itself.

    Chapter 18: The Shadow of Sonoma

  • One scholar convinced herself that the meandering structure of Jewett's best-known work, "The Country of Pointed Firs" (a lovely book, by the way), was intended to be a weblike, "feminine" alternative to the oppressively "masculine" convention in which a linear plot accelerates to a climax; a more circular story supposedly corresponds to the purportedly non-goal-oriented unfolding of women's sexual response.

    Interesting Things to Read Today

  • The bright-red Fairfield Inn features a series of two-story-tall squares with a spider-weblike design running down the middle.

    Bright Hotel Facades to Offset 'Squalor'

  • Prime beef is selected because it has a lot of marbling, thin hairline grains of fat that weave weblike through the fibers of protein.

    Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn: How to Grill Great Steakhouse Steaks

  • His words were drowned out by a terrific thunderclap that came simultaneously with a lightning flash which struck the roof and spread weblike over the surface in tiny rivulets of light that died out as they were grounded in the steel structure.

    "Power" by Harl Vincent, part 11

  • Marines sat crammed next to each other in weblike hammocks that lined the inside fuselage.

    A Nightmare’s Prayer

  • One big and mysterious question is how intimate Kevin is with his father's weblike private interests, which are linked in various ways with the publicly traded companies.

    The Family Takes Command

  • Every cell in your body has a mindful intelligence that receives input, analyzes it, and sends out messenger molecules through the nervous system and the blood stream to communicate with the rest of the complex, weblike matrix of your body.

    The Source

  • Sweat dripped from his forehead and he pushed his hair back with a hand whose fingers were connected with delicate weblike membranes.

    City of Ashes

  • From one example to another, we find her making circles, spirals, lozenge shapes, weblike designs, wavy linear patterns, and right-angled constructions.

    Daring and Disturbing


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