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  • Your weenis is the jiggly bit of extra skin on a bent elbow.

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  • off topic even more - my verification word was "weenis".

    Quote of the Day (Eric Reitan)

  • Great list, except that you forgot the "show me your weenis" wicked scepter party tape.

    YesButNoButYes: Lunch Hour Veg

  • We votede Democrates into both state houses, most of us think bush is a weenis, and, hey we're coming with you one way or another.

    American Coastopia!

  • DrJ3 wrote: It would be a good thing if this "weenis erectus" listened to his constituents.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • I hate when he walks around in his boxers, because I really don't want little boy weenis to become accidentally exposed.

    two dolla

  • Ow, I hit my weenis on the refrigerator. get this def on a mug by Ric Oct 10, 2003 share this weenis no, it's not weenie/penis, it's weenis. your elbow! don't touch my weenis. it's physically impossible to lick your weenis, unless your a freak. your funny bone is by your weenis. get this def on a mug by sparky Dec 15, 2003 share this

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  • "You just touched my weenis, what are you thinking you sick perv." get this def on a mug by Fuzzy Dec 27, 2004 share this weenis

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  • Walk up to complete strangers in public and say, "Excuse me gentlemen, but can I touch your weenis, please?"

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  • Beware of asking Old Balls guys, as the weenis tends to sag in old age. get this def on a mug wenis frisked pick-up line hysterical puzzled elbow skin by Peanutgirl May 26, 2006 share this weenis

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  • See weenus.

    April 12, 2010