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  • adj. Strongly knit, especially strongly and firmly constructed: a well-knit body; a well-knit theatrical production.

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  • adj. Firmly constructed and held together

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Firmly compacted; strongly framed or fixed.

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  • adj. strongly and firmly constructed


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  • At first she found fault with the more than slight cheek-hollows under the cheek-bones, but when she measured his well-knit, slenderly muscular figure, with its deep chest and heavy shoulders, she discovered that she preferred the hollows; at least they did not imply lack of nutrition.


  • His was a tall, slender, well-knit figure, and Grief, studying him, estimated his character from his face.


  • He was at the wheel, a small, well-knit, muscular man of say forty-five, with black hair graying on the temples, a big eagle-face, swarthy, with keen, intelligent black eyes.


  • This conference was convened to develop a well-knit organization that would be able to coordinate and expand WPA services across Europe.

    Pursuit of an 'Unparalleled Opportunity': The American YMCA and Prisoner of War Diplomacy among the Central Power Nations during World War I

  • Their top spark was a rangy, well-knit Ulsterman with sandy whiskers and a soft-spoken honeycomb voice; his name, he informed me, was Grattan Nugent-Hare, "with the hyphen, sir which is a bit of a pose, don't ye know, but I'm attached to it."


  • His well-knit body was, except for matching shoes and the ubiquitous silken sporran, otherwise uncovered.

    Arcana Magi - c.1: Oryn Zentharis, Seeker of the Truth

  • They were a well-knit organization within an organization and were made up of practical, hardheaded men who were working toward improvement of conditions throughout the Ship, as they saw them.

    Destiny Narrowly Avoided

  • This highly intelligent utilitarian breed is distinguished by two coat types, either curly or wavy; an impressive head of considerable breadth and well proportioned mass; a ruggedly built, well-knit body; and a powerful, thickly based tail, carried gallantly or used purposefully as a rudder.

    Portuguese Water Dog: Obamas' Puppy

  • He looked to people he had known for a long time, friends who would work with him and with each otherwho together would constitute a well-knit team.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • Close as its Shade, your well-knit Judgments grow;

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies


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