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  • noun fiction A shapeshifter who can change between leopard and human form.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

were- +‎ leopard


  • I had a wisdom tooth removed 3 days ago, so the vicodin might have helped this along, but I finished Hostage to Pleasure last night before bed and had a delicious dream about being a wereleopard and hanging out with all the alpha men in DarkRiver.

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  • She also adds being master of a vampire to her ever growing list of supernatural abilities and titles, and gets herself yet another boyfriend, a new male wereleopard in town.

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  • Over half the book is dedicated to Anita Blake getting her freak on or, as LKH likes to call it, letting loose the ardeur with Micah, the personality-free hot wereleopard who has been living with her ever since she woke up, met him, and had sex with him two or three or however many books ago I finally gave up on caring.

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  • The forvalaka was a sort of vampirous wereleopard originally native to One-Eye's own home jungle, somewhere way down south.

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  • This is the wereleopard, the man-leopard who walks on two legs by day and on four by night. "

    The Black Company


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