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  • n. Plural form of whimsy.


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  • And then, on top of all that dancing form, there are strange, rainbow coils of oil paint that look as though they've been squeezed out of a star-tipped pastry tube -- but that also evoke Victorian "whimsies," the over-the-top beadwork that native women sold to European ladies.

    New 'Vantage Point' show at American Indian museum shows off symbolic power

  • (pictured) includes notched blocks plus narrow blocks that interlock in assortments that include some "whimsies" (blocks with wooden wheels).


  • On those few whose creativity, fortitude, technique and concoctions—from cream-puff whimsies to towering sculptures of spun and pulled sugar—are deemed worthy, the judges bestow the ultimate accolade for a pâtissier : the title of MOF craftsman of France and the right to wear a distinctive tricolor collar.

    Hollow Points and Cream Puffs

  • But by the same token, this means that if we recognize the environmental imperative to start using energy in a less profligate way a lot of the reduction can come out of frivolous uses with consumers simply shifting their whimsies in less energy-intensive directions.

    Matthew Yglesias » Refrigerated Beach Sand?

  • But we've been told it did happen, narratively speaking, so we can either throw our hands up in the air and bewail the whimsies of writers with no sense of reality, or we can deal with it by asking how could it happen?

    Modality and Hamlet

  • He was a gay, mad young dog, grandly careless of his largess, fearless as a lion's whelp, lithe and beautiful as a leopard, and mad, a trifle mad of the deviltries and whimsies that tickled in that fine brain of his.


  • Evelyn, Ahab, Laura W — thanks so much for your hard work transforming our whimsies into actual product.

    Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Thursday Night Open Thread

  • Something about choices, I think: how to live, where to live, what are the whimsies and challenges each of us deserves to make for ourselves.

    The Victory Belongs To Love

  • With recycled materials such as bits of barns and railroads, Wing began construction of a fortress that looks like it's straight out of the 12th century--but adorned with such whimsies as a fireplace in the middle of a Buddha's belly and tongue-wagging faces protruding from the stone walls.

    Great American Castles

  • Now were this column strictly about my friend and mine's cock-centric whimsies (damn that sounds gay) it would be a pleasantly enjoyable piece, I can assure you (the column, not the ... oh, never mind).

    Jeff Klima: On Names


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