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  • n. Cartridges of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), used as a recreational inhalant drug.


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From whipped cream, since "whippits" are typically sold in the United States for use in making whipped cream.


  • I thinks, 'tis an evil sperrit, sae I set awa like a hare -- game leg an 'aal -- tearin' towards the park wall like a whippit, followed by the evil sperrit that made no sound wiv his pads, but was growlin 'terrible aal the time.'

    Border Ghost Stories

  • She went for to kiss it, but the holy man whippit it away in a trice.

    The Cloister and the Hearth

  • She whippit them all soundly, and sent them to bed,

    Wee Bit Wifie

  • (Rex: seeking the perfect whippit; Jamarcus, attempting to untangle sheets, giving up, napping for three months.)

    Every Day Should Be Saturday

  • I whippit up my horse, and came up to a roughly dressed man, ridin 'slowly along, with his blue bonnet pulled down over his forehead, and his eyes turned toward the groond.”

    Recollections of a Long Life


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