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  • n. One who reports a problem or violation to the authorities; especially, an employee or former employee who reports a violation by an employer.

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  • n. an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Probably an allusion to a police officer blowing his or her whistle on observing a violation of the law.


  • The Government Accountability Project, a Washington-based nonprofit organization dedicated to whistle-blower protection, had filed complaints of retaliation on behalf of the two staff members with the Ethics Office.

    U.N. investigations chief under investigation

  • While not mentioned by name, Obama referenced Wendell Potter, a former health insurance insider whistle-blower who sums it up simply, health insurance is not about better health care, it's about Wall Street.

    Obama to take health care pitch on the road this weekend

  • Mr. Picard maintained in court and led the media to believe that Mr. Stamos was a whistle-blower.

    Madoff and the Mets

  • In recent weeks, Virginia's attorney general intervened in the whistle-blower lawsuit against BNY Mellon and Florida's attorney general filed a court document to also intervene in the whistle-blower law suit against BNY Mellon.

    BNY Mellon Faces Forex Suit in New York

  • A plaintiff by the same name filed whistle-blower claims in Virginia and Florida, also in October 2009, against BNY Mellon on behalf of state and local retirement systems.

    BNY Mellon Faces Forex Suit in New York

  • Bank of New York Mellon Corp., facing whistle-blower lawsuits in Virginia and Florida that it improperly charged pension funds for currency transactions, also has been sued in New York, according to New York County court records.

    BNY Mellon Faces Forex Suit in New York

  • A whistle-blower, or qui tam , lawsuit can be brought by an individual or group on behalf of the government, alleging fraudulent activity involving government funds.

    BNY Mellon Faces Forex Suit in New York

  • Beyond serving as a showcase for two frequently paired stars- Lancaster as a power-mad general, Douglas as a principled whistle-blower--the movie works because in the context of the paranoic Cold War era, the premise feels all-too-plausible.

    John Farr: Kirk Douglas Turns 95!

  • In a letter to the city manager requesting whistle-blower protection, police commander Jose Perez said the chief's deputies sought to enlist him in a war to get rid of 'the old man, Tomas Regalado.'

    Miami Police Chief Is Suspended

  • Last week, Mr. Exposito sent a letter to Mr. Martinez seeking whistle-blower protection, according to the Miami Herald.

    Miami Police Chief Is Suspended


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