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  • adj. widthwise The direction of the width of an object or place.
  • adv. widthwise Directed across the width of an object or place.


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  • Cut lengthways, then widthways into four boat shapes and scoop out the seeds.

    Family life

  • At 35 years of age, Darchinyan will unlikely grow upwards and would be ill-advised shooting out widthways.

    Elliot Worsell: Boxers Who Might Win a Fight in UFC

  • Bring milk and cream to the boil with the peppercorns and the head of garlic sliced in two widthways.


  • Remove the intestine and then cut the prawns in half widthways - then partially cut each half along the line of the intestinal tract.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • This wouldn't be such a problem if its 7in 800 x 480 screen didn't feel so small, but pages didn't often fit widthways and scrolling and panning to get to offscreen elements quickly became tiresome.

    PC PRO

  • When viewed standing back from the tripod, the "front on" leg appears to be massive widthways (as, indeed, it is), the other two legs, slightly more side on, offering a much slimmer profile.

    DV Info Net

  • The North is full of Fortwos plastered in advertising, and in areas in Bradford there are parking bays all down the side of a road filled by Takeaway Fortwos parked in them widthways.

    BBC TopGear: Cars and Autos News

  • 4.3 - MASKING TAPE ROCKET On some inch wide masking tape run a line of a fast smokeless powder strait down the middle, than fold in half widthways and roll up into a straw shape.

    The Makeshift Arsenal, by Lowry Version 1.2

  • - the picture will be stretched to fill the screen widthways, because it is anamorphically compressed, but there will also be horizontal black bars top and bottom of the picture, which have been added by the movie makers to maintain the correct aspect ratio when the movie is wider than your TV (21: 9 rather than 16: 9).

    All - Digital Spy - Entertainment and Media News


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  • "They moved on past the front of Cortez Palace, then down its blind side began to descend the cliff that traversed it widthways."

    - Lowry, Under the Volcano

    June 25, 2011