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  • adj. eccentric, silly, scatterbrained


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  • Among their characterizations are mellow cultists who enjoy a religious experience with the leader Jason Sudeikis, a pair of flighty book-store employees and wifty members of an adult Hide-and-Seek league.

    Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Jan. 21, 2011

  • No, I mean that accusing anyone who questions wifty abstractions of Eurocentrism or of being anti-this, that or the other is intellectual bullying.

    Discarding the Post-Colonial Other: A Vindication of Plain Speaking

  • He claimed that I had a knack for finding materials from among the education, business, and financial journals I was charged with perusing to buttress the arguments he was making for budgetary process married to planning, something a bit wifty and over the top in those days.

    I scan 2 photographs from the 1970s.

  • She tried to make fun of me, and said, 'That will be woo pounds wifty-three pence.'

    Pronounced difficulties

  • Money is such a wifty concept in the real world, virtual money seems no different.

    Structures of Governance

  • The movie is Ms. Jacobs 'story, more or less: The tale of a wifty social princess who becomes a nanny to a neurotic 8-year-old, the plot of Uptown Girls will be as familiar to viewers as Mary Poppins, if Mary's umbrella had accidentally run aground at Brearley.

    Original Uptown Girl Channels East Side 'Magic'

  • This young woman looked like she wanted to bang her head against the table, not with the embarrassment she was apparently supposed to feel on behalf of her own wifty generation, but with fury at how invisible she and her peers were to the organization she had given up her day to volunteer for.


  • The Rooster had its groove on in those years, seven or eight years ago or so - the lively room a salon presided over by the ever-present Parrotta and a cast of regulars (off-duty chefs, aspiring makeup artists, wifty State Department consultants; gruff retired pilots and sport sailors visiting from France).

    Phillies Zone

  • It’s so not me, it’s silky and wifty, vintage sixties-ish, but I sort of like it because the pattern is branchy and it reminds me of Pinebank.

    The Other Side of Dark


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  • Eccentric, silly, scatterbrained.

    October 7, 2008

  • Well, the 'nut also left a comment on the list which I suspect was intended to be on the word page:

    "First encountered on, in an article on Paris Hilton.

    Doesn't appear in mainstream dictionaries, but Urban Dictionary say:

    Adjective, origin unknown. Flaky, space-cadet, but in a *nice* way. Not generally used outside the Philadelphia PA region."

    October 6, 2008

  • donut's sole contribution to wordie - thank you, dear donut!

    October 6, 2008