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  • n. An often perforated shoe part that covers the toe and extends backward along the sides of the shoe from a point at the center.
  • n. A style of shoe having such a tip.
  • n. The tip of the wing of a bird, bat, insect, or other animal.
  • n. The extreme edge of a wing, as of an aircraft.

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  • n. The extreme tip of the wing of an aircraft or bird
  • n. A part of a shoe, often with brogueing that extends backwards on both sides from the toe


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  • In this shot you can see the white underside of one of the ray's wingtips (I know "wingtip" is probably not the right term, but ichthyology is not something I'm up on.)

    November 2006

  • For shoes, a wingtip, rather than a slip-on, which would be more day and casual, he says.

    Ace the School Reunion

  • They were all lined up wingtip to wingtip just asking to be ttrashed.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » A Sweet Jane alt-hist challenge!

  • It was a change from the Doc Martens and Creepers that were popular during that time and his wingtip, oxford, and cap toe offered something new, more refined.

    Joy Yoon: The Well-Honed Craft of George Esquivel (PHOTOS)

  • Her screams were cut short as George the Juggler put his wingtip into her eye and stomped down on her head as if he were comedy legend Gallagher and she was an over ripe watermelon.

    Last Act

  • They had wings like an airplane, but at each wingtip was an enormous three-bladed rotor attached to a turboprop engine.

    The Omega Theory

  • They're good for wingtip vortex drag reduction, but there are other ways to do the same thing and not produce a huge yawing moment when (not if) one engine goes out.

    Today's Video: Skylon Mission Animation - NASA Watch

  • I'm also not a big fan of wingtip mounted engines.

    Today's Video: Skylon Mission Animation - NASA Watch

  • Shortly after becoming airborne, the plane's right wingtip struck the ground, according to investigators and the Federal Aviation Administration, causing the plane to settle back onto the runway and collapsing the landing gear.

    Crashed Gulfstream Jet Was Testing Engine Failure

  • The brand new Gulfstream G650, the largest and fastest big business jet ever developed by Savannah, Ga.-based Gulfstream, struck its right wingtip on the ground as it took off from the Roswell International Air Center Airport around 9:30 a.m.

    Four Killed as Gulfstream Jet Crashes


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