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  • Most people don't read books on computers-especially not on the computer they surf the Web with-and so online publicity is basically saying, "Hey, why not give up this full-color, infinite content, multitasking, sensory-rich experience you're having right now, and go shut everything out and read a book?"

    SF Signal Interviews Robert J. Sawyer

  • "I hesitated to disturb you, but I had a perfectly good bottle of champagne and no one to share it with-and then I saw that you were occupying Jason's box, and hoped you might do me the favor of drinking half."

    red dust

  • Persons, says Wiggs, who lack curiosity about life, who find minimal joy in existence, are all to willing, subconsciously, to cooperate with-and attract-disease, accident, and violence.

    La insistencia de Jürgen Fauth

  • Launched on November 14 of this year, stories told on Families You Know are very personal and often very moving, and Cianciotto hopes this will become a nationwide effort, one he sees as a way of laying a foundation for changing how people feel, even with-and perhaps especially with - those with the most entrenched anti gay marriage beliefs.

    Marlene H. Phillips: On 'A Day Without A Gay': Arizona GLBT Community Organizes, Strategizes

  • Either it should say that we do face intense competition-which is a point of view I'd agree with-and we have to rise to that challenge with our smart people.

    The View From The Very Top

  • When I pictured working as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I thought boredom and loneliness would be a big part of what I'd have to cope with-and truth be told- was kind of looking forward to.

    Botswana 2008: I Have Aged.

  • There's a terra-cotta pig rattle (400 B.C.) - a toy that begs to be played with-and feeding cups, game pieces, even a sheet of unfinished homework.

    Childhood in Ancient Greece-Rare and Beautiful Glimpses

  • 'Here I am, having dinner with a woman millions of men would crawl on their knees to be with-and all I can find to entertain you with is my morose self-pity!'

    The Secret Virgin

  • But even though this wouldn't be the first time I'd had my head played with-and even if she does give off empathy vibes, which I think makes sense"I'm still convinced that she's in this against her will. "

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • Kane began to play the piano softly, choosing without thought a piece he was very familiar with-and which had always been Dinah's favorite despite her avowed tin ear: Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."

    Hiding in the Shadows


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  • Victor Eremita's unsuccessful sequel.

    November 18, 2009