from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The head of a wolf.
  • n. An outlaw.


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  • He could barely see out of the heavily stylized wolf's-head mask.

    Crystal Rain

  • It had been weeks since the day Anji had given Hari's wolf's-head ring to Father Mei, since Shai had touched that ring and sensed Hari's fate.

    Spirit Gate

  • He took no notice of anybody until they pressed too close, and he was forced to raise his wolf's-head cane in warning.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • The Gentleman rapped the back of the driver's seat with the head of his wolf's-head cane.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • "There," the Gentleman said, pointing his wolf's-head walking stick at the limo.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • Just as he managed to pull the handgun from the coat pocket he stumbled, and knocked over the useless wolf's-head cane which he'd stowed against the wall.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • The Gentleman tried to find satisfaction in the knowledge that Smerdyakov couldn't know just how valuable a treasure that wolf's-head cane was.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • You are thinking of the fail safe beneath that ridiculous wolf's-head handle.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • He curled his lips, and flipped the wolf's-head closed, shielding the button once again.

    The Sinister Six Combo

  • He'd donned his usual elegantly-tailored black suit, and he car-ried his wolf's-head walking stick, clicking it against the tiled floor with every step.

    The Sinister Six Combo


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