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  • In your view, the wonkosphere is the most appropriate measure of relevance?

    I’m Obsessed With You Because You’re Irrelevant

  • I'm cheating a little bit because he's an Editorial Intern at the American Prospect magazine and a contributor at it's blog, TAPPED, so he's not exactly languishing in obscurity; still, there's something of a disconnect between the "wonkosphere" and the "netroots", and he's just the kind of writer who helps bridge that gap.

    More and better foreign policy voices: Matt Duss

  • Was it noted that he defined the netroots as activism not analysis (with the distinction from the wonkosphere) and then proved that — gasp, horror, the netroots were full of activism not analysis.

    Matthew Yglesias » How Many Divisions Has Jane Hamsher?

  • Wait is this the same John Chait who said the left blogosphere was full of left extremists, then, when challenged, said OK their policy views are not extreme but, ignoring the wonkosphere and looking only at the netroots, their shrillness and lack of humor makes it clear that they will be (causing great amusement as shrillblog had presented his attack on Bush as the epitome of shrillness).

    Matthew Yglesias » How Many Divisions Has Jane Hamsher?

  • Peer reviewed, easy-to-understand, all over the wonkosphere.

    Matthew Yglesias » Also: They Have Funny Accents

  • The problem with the republicans is that there is no wonkosphere as such.

    Matthew Yglesias » Chait on the Netroots

  • So he makes some effort to be fair, differentiating Kos from the ‘wonkosphere’ … but he misses the point in how these separate groups do not aim to mimic the republican party machine.

    Matthew Yglesias » Chait on the Netroots

  • Come now, even teh wonkosphere should understand that. justawriter Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » Unwank

  • Matt and Ezra provide irrefutable proof that there is a wonkosphere as they are clear politically clueless on this issue.

    Matthew Yglesias » Unwank

  • Writers from Tom Friedman to Jacob Hacker to William Greider are nowhere to be found; likewise policy bloggers like Mark Schmitt (who coined the term “wonkosphere”), Brad DeLong, Ezra Klein, or Elizabeth Warren.

    The Rise of the Democratic Philanthocracy


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