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  • n. In music, that section of a work or movement which follows the exposition of the themes and precedes their recapitulation, and which is devoted to the development of fragments, or modifications of them, in a comparatively free and unsystematic way.


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  • They have a healthy interest in food and a ruthless interest in the logical working-out of the implications of magic.

    The Children's Collection

  • Physiologically the members of this family are the slow working-out of accidents to the blood and nervous system which occur in a race after a first organic lesion, according to the environment determining in each of the individuals of this race sentiments, desires, passions, all the natural and instinctive human manifestations whose products take on the conventional names of virtues and vices.

    Zola and Naturalism « Tales from the Reading Room

  • "Whether that will happen in the third quarter or fourth quarter will depend on external factors" such as the working-out of Europe's debt problems, he said.

    In Americas, Brazil's Slide Speaks Loudly

  • Sport is the art of controlling those physical contingencies, of showing your working-out.

    Playing Days by Benjamin Markovits

  • He brought out the playfulness of the first and third sonatas of Op 31, as well as the more cerebral working-out of ideas.

    Llyr Williams

  • The vote was 252 to 162 in favor of the Appropriations once again, a failure to act in the face of a necessity for action, but a mere detail in a tragic Shakespearian determinism parading before our eyes the working-out of this self-defeating Clockwork Orange known as the United States Government.

    Why We Need A New Constitution: Part 19 of 21

  • Theocracy insists on absolute truth as the key to absolute power; democracy is the painful and contingent working-out of human problems through human institutions and human compromises.

    Jesse Larner: Power and Protest, in Iran and at Home

  • Now all I needed to do was write 30-40K of working-out in about six weeks to complete the story.

    in which I have survived teh crazies

  • The draft was at 140K, and there was no way all of that necessary working-out was going to fit into a novel-sized piece of writing.

    in which I have survived teh crazies

  • What was happening was only the working-out of a process that had started years ago.

    Nineteen Eighty-four


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