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  • n. A state, a church, or other organization which exercises power in every part of the world or among all mankind.


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  • In the UK, the post-war continuation of food rationing ought to have been a strong clue that one was not living in a world-power country.

    Politics in Science Fiction #1 Politics is People

  • I mean, he brought the German economy back from out-of-control inflation, he kept crime down on his own soil, and sent Germany to industrial world-power in a matter of a few years.

    Walk-Outs, Protests Today at

  • A world-power had fooled itself and taken self-destructive measures for no apparent reason!

    Shallow Soil

  • The European Union may grow into world-power status or it may not.

    Germany After Unification

  • Canada is a world-power, a highly respected world-power and it becomes our responsibility to nourish and maintain democratic ideas and ideals in a Continent where they are all challenged and threatened with extinction.

    Europe Is Dying

  • It will then be time to sign a pact of friendship with the remaining world-power, in preparation for another attack.

    Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • There were perhaps some present even then who knew the Kaiser's evil dreams of world-power, and his wicked ambition, and feared what it might cause.

    The Children's Book of London

  • Assyria, not an independent and oppressive world-power; nor would its destruction have meant the return of the exiles of northern Israel.

    Introduction to the Old Testament

  • Germans have clear consciences, for we know, concerning ourselves and our government, that we strove for nothing but the maintenance of our position as a world-power, bought with heavy sacrifices, and the free, peaceful expansion of our sphere of action in the world.

    New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 5, August, 1915

  • War, said his professors of kultur and his hymnsters of hate, could never be waged in the Tipperary spirit, and the nation that sent to the front soldiers who sang and laughed must be the very decadent England they had all along denounced as unworthy of world-power.

    Fragments From France


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