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  • v. Present participle of worm.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Specifically, the operation (performed by hand) of ridding the growing tobacco-plant of worms, chiefly the tobacco-worm (which see).


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  • Today as we are facing global worming now a days and one of the main reason of global worming is due to the reduction or cutting down of green forests. so we all can play a role in saving the environment for the future and for our children this is the right time to start developing small gardens in our houses back yard as its has become necessity act before its to late.

    Green: the new rose-colored glasses (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Lets see them try and debunk a site that covers just about everything about the sun including Native American sun rituals to the effects of the sun on global worming which is a null point.

    Think Progress » Sarah Palin calls global warming studies ‘snake oil science.’

  • Under the old _régime_ when on every plantation were a score or more of idle negro urchins, a large portion of the labor could be performed by them, such as worming, dropping the plants, and picking up the primings, while now the labor has to be paid for in money or its equivalent.

    Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce

  • A favourite design is to carve the bone into the similitude of a rope, with "worming" of smaller line along its lays.

    The Cruise of the Cachalot Round the World After Sperm Whales

  • It was with not a little surprise, therefore, that Nimbus saw the stalwart sheriff coming towards him where he was at work upon the hillside back of his house, "worming" and "topping" a field of tobacco which gave promise of a magnificent yield.

    Bricks without Straw A Novel

  • Jennifer Lopez has been accused of "worming" her way into celebrations for Barack Obama's presidential inauguration.

    All - Digital Spy - Entertainment and Media News

  • Paul 'King Con' Bint, who has spent a lifetime 'worming' his way into the - Business News

  • "worming" and "parcelling" and "serving" ropes when occasion arose for dealing with them in such fashion, repeating aloud, to the great satisfaction of my teacher, the distich which guides the tyro and tells him how to do his work properly: --

    Crown and Anchor Under the Pen'ant

  • "worming" his way into the "hearts and homes" of the opposite sex, wined and dined unsuspecting victims he met through lonely hearts ads or the internet.


  • And, once they are on the skin, there is no going back, until the worms reach the gut, from where they can be eliminated with worming medicine, he explains.

    Parasitic Worms May Offer Hope on MS


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  • Small holes or "tunnels" in a book's pages or cover, resulting from bookworms--which are technically *not* worms but the larvae of various beetles. :-)

    February 21, 2007