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  • v. Eye dialect misspelling and mispronunciation of would have or would've.


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  • He recounts the dangers to which his fleet was subjected; but had he, either as Controller or Second Sea Lord, foreseen these dangers, he would of course have warned his colleagues and his chief.

    Castles of Steel

  • Thus, the times for revenge on Rosa and Jane, the two chamber-maids, were always chosen in those seasons when (as not unfrequently happened) they were in disgrace with their mistress, when any complaint from them would of course meet with no sympathy.

    Uncle Tom's cabin, or Life among the lowly

  • If she really were a hierodule operating in the patriarchal would of judaism she would inevitably but thought of as a moral outcast.

    The Templar Revelation

  • I would of answered Sooner but My time is so Much taken up that I put it of from time to time untill four weeks has Elapsed Since your Much Esteemed [unclear: letter] come to hand.

    Augusta County: William L. Evans to David H. Evans, November 10, 1868

  • The Christmas holidays he would of course pass with his family at Killaloe, but he hardly liked the idea of hurrying off to Killaloe immediately the session should be over.

    Phineas Finn

  • If the culprit were a woman, Wentworth tended to be lenient, whereas Lieutenant Clark, who despised the women of Charlotte Field, would of choice have had Richardson lay a meaner cat on harder.

    Morgan’s Run

  • Once the Vulcans had realized the failure of their early predictions that any species intelligent enough to develop warp drive would of course have embraced logic and peaceful exploration as the guiding principles of their culture, they had developed complex systems for modeling and predicting alien behavior as a form of self-survival.


  • ‘You better tell us where he is, Miss Kew,’ and it would of scared you to look at her when she said it.

    Science Fiction Hall of Fame

  • God alone is absolutely perfect; any finite world would of necessity have its strains of imperfec - tion.


  • Back in the day I would of straight blew all that gwap on a bag or an outfit with shoes in a second.

    Real wifeys


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  • Yeah, rite.

    March 13, 2013

  • In using Google to compare 'would have gotten' to 'would of gotten' , I find that there's a 1:1 ratio in the use of Would Have compared to Would Of.

    A search on Google books shows would of in print in 1922, so it's almost a hundred years old now.

    To me, the Googlefight results are a way of quantifying the relative use of a phrase. I feel that when the usage becomes 1:1, it's no longer an uncommon way of spelling, and that the language has evolved, much to the dismay of 'strict grammarians' who cling to their Strunk and White.

    March 13, 2013

  • See should of. And then erase this spelling from your brain.

    October 29, 2007