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  • v. To exchange.
  • v. To alter, as one's mind or mental faculties; effect a change in.
  • v. To exchange opinions; speak one's mind; share thoughts; communicate.
  • v. To envelop, wrap; confuse; confound.

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  • To exchange.
  • To envelop; wrap; confound.


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From Middle English wrixlen, from Old English wrixlan, wixlan ("to change, exchange, reciprocate"), from Proto-Germanic *wihslanan, *wihslōnan (“to change”), from Proto-Indo-European *weik(')- (“to change”). Cognate with Scots wissel ("to exchange, barter"), Dutch wisselen ("to exchange, barter, swap"), German wechseln ("to change, switch"), Icelandic víxl ("cross, interchange"), Latin vicis ("change, alteration, diversity, reciprocity").


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  • Obs. v., To alter, change, confound; also, to exchange (fr. OE wrixlian).

    August 13, 2008