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  • adj. Sour; brackish.
  • adj. Quick and agile; easy to hand, reef and steer.
  • v. To snarl; gnar.
  • v. To growl, especially like a dog; quarrel; be captious or troublesome.

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  • To snarl; gnar.
  • Sour; brackish.


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From Middle English ȝaren, ȝurren, ȝeorren, from Old English ġeorran, ġirran, gyrran ("to sound, chatter, grunt, creak, grate"), from Proto-Germanic *gerranan (“to creak”), from Proto-Indo-European *gʰer- (“to make a noise, rattle, gurgle, grumble”). Cognate with Scots yarr, yirr ("to snarl, growl, quarrel, cause trouble"), Middle High German girren ("to roar, cry, rattle, chatter").

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Origin uncertain.

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From Old English gearu ("ready"), from Proto-Germanic *garwaz.


  • Wons, my Lord, ya look but blindly on't then: time was, a mite on't had bought and shoos in yar Stall, Brother, tho 'noo ya so abound in

    The Roundheads: or, The Good Old Cause

  • They said that emergency response teams had rushed to the scene in an effort to extinguish the flames and repair the pipeline, which has frequently come under attack in the past. dpa ka yar ag zar mt ds amh ncs221544 GMT Apr 10

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • As you're picturing the boat, let's keep it in that storm but now imagine that you're a capable, strong and "yar" captain.

    James M. Lynch: Imagine Drowning

  • Avast, me pretties, it be 'Talk Like a Pirate' day, where people, what whom should be in the ways of knowing better, if y 'mark me meaning, go round talking in mangled West Country accents what with the passing "yar" thrown in the mix.

    19th September '07

  • And h'yar's the knavery of the thing; sir! the unpronounceable rascality, sir!

    Nick of the Woods

  • H'yar's for you, you dog, and thar's for you, you dog's dog!

    Nick of the Woods

  • Whar's your cat of the Knobs? your wolf of the Rolling Prairies? h'yar's the old brown b'ar can claw the bark off a gum tree!

    Nick of the Woods

  • Captain, if you are anxious to have the young lady, your sister, in safety, h'yar's the place to stick up your tent-poles, h'yar, in this very settlement, whar the Injuns never trouble us, never coming within ten miles of us.

    Nick of the Woods

  • Whar's your full-blood colt that can shake a saddle off? h'yar's an old nag can kick off the top of a buck-eye!

    Nick of the Woods

  • "H'yar's de letters and telegrums, Mah'sr Harry," said Miles, unlocking his saddle-bags and taking out a bundle of letters and some telegrams, written on the regular telegraphic blanks and tied up in a little package.

    What Might Have Been Expected


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  • Ray in reverse.

    November 3, 2007