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  • adj. of grey tinged with yellow


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  • I watched the sky turn from cobalt-blue to yellow-gray in minutes.

    The Memory Palace

  • The painting's sparkling white wooden bridge, composed of crisscrossing lines and arches, is set off against the yellow-gray light of a brewing storm.

    Fresh Faces in the Family

  •  Her own hair was yellow-gray, but she saw no reason why the wig she got had to be that color.

    Beautiful Are the Feet: Part Two

  • To Ruby, the big muscular thing in its cracked yellow-gray shell looked disgusting, but the Babe, sweating happily in his suit, his cigar dropping ash on the white tablecloth, was polishing off a whole bucketful of them.


  • Her skin had a yellow-gray tinge—a tinge, I was worried, that would bloom into a bright jaundice if the tumor obstructed her bile duct fully and her blood began to fill up with bile pigments.

    The Emperor of All Maladies

  • The hair a little yellow-gray, no doubt, and the poundage straining a bit at the laces of the armor.


  • Kahlan ran her fingers through the thick, yellow-gray coat tipped in black.

    Men Don't Leave Me

  • Gillette heard a crackle of electricity, saw a flash of yellow-gray light as astonishing pain swept from his jaw to his chest.


  • A bank bag now hung from those teeth — yellow-gray rancid, decaying teeth, strands of tobacco chew laced in between.

    A Jeep Wrangler, a moped, a bank bag, Woody Guthrie and stained teeth

  • When lightning lit the sky behind them, he saw the yellow-gray of their coats, the peculiar way they hung their heads, the neck bones and jaws loose and not completely connected, a suggestion of slather on the teeth and lips.

    Rain Gods


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