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  • adj. comparative form of yellow: more yellow


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  • Between the three phones, there's a noticeable difference in display color temperature, much like we saw with the iPhone and iPhone 3G -- the Storm and Curve have a noticeably "yellower" hue than the Bold.


  • Whenever I returned to the store the pages of what remained had grown yellower probably along with me until they vanished completely.

    Fortress of Collectibles

  • And, yeah, I had to work in the morning, but hearing you exasperate with the subtle lectures on yellower teeth and chimney kisses was worth the oncoming exhaustion.


  • It's bigger and yellower and has twice the potassium of the next guy's banana, but then somebody always shows up with chocolate and you're screwed again.

    Banana Republic

  • "Imagine, if you will," he said, "that we are not in a dank and mossy crypt, but in a room of gold ... that warm rays make the air softer and yellower than butter; that you breathe not this base, black, wet mist, but a sparkling bronze infusion that has been mellowed by its constant reverberation within walls of pure gold."

    Drunk On Color

  • People who complain about the blueness of fluorescents often don't realize that incandescent light is significantly yellower than daylight!

    Making Light: Making light under difficult conditions

  • The next page, yellower than the first, was also from the front of the Times, Friday, January 31, 1992.

    The Hanging Tree

  • You lost your name and your body and your self and you just didn't care, and you waited until your boot or finger-nail got yellow, then yellower and yellower all the time.

    Where's the show?

  • Roy caught sight of a gunship's yellower flame just before it disappeared into a missile explosion.

    I Don’t Understand ?

  • Keep in mind that the lower the Kelvin number listed on the package, the yellower the light; higher numbers indicate bluer or whiter light.

    Buzzword: Lumens


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