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  • adj. comparative form of pale: more pale


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  • In March of 2009, he said his approach to the global economic crisis was different than Obama's because he's "paler" than Obama.

    Silvio Berlusconi: Italy's Prime Minister has a history of scandal

  • One image -- the "paler," or more indistinct, one -- is reflected from the surface of the glass, while the other is reflected from the silvered back of the glass.

    The Life of Abraham Lincoln

  • And only days ago he bizarrely said his response to the credit crunch was different to Obama's because he was "paler".


  • The activities of modern women—slumming, night life, exaggerations in dress, an unchaperoned life outside the home, entrance into business and sports—have erased the outward distinction between the painted sport and the paler protected lady.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • I've been really intrigued about what exactly a 'blondie' is, but after making it, I figure it's basically a paler coloured brownie?

    Best Peanut Butter Blondie EVER

  • Their faces were a paler shade of green than their bodies.

    Crimson Wind

  • So when we get hurt or when we are fearful, or are under great emotional upheaval, we get the urge to run away, to save ourselves ... and we tend to go paler in those situations.

    The Benefits of Tickling

  • Elsewhere in the bowels of this stadium – which seemed to turn a paler shade of crimson the moment Alleman's 25-yarder sailed through the uprights in overtime – mingled other standouts from the game discussing an interception here or tackle-for-loss there.

    Rematch Nobody Wants

  • For our last dance in dream Guanajuato where lovers drink tears like sangria and get the kind of drunk that doesn't hurt I wore my black Spanish lace dress with the straps that fell down my pale shoulders even paler beneath the wan grapefruit slice moon.

    Nuestro Ultimo Baile

  • Away to the left the reflected glare from the sea and the haze of cloud reduce the mountains of South Uist to a grey silhouette against a paler grey sky.

    Country diary: Benbecula


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