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  • n. Alternative spelling of yogi.


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  • The synthesis of the Vedantic and grammarian schemes within the tantric manifold figures most prominently in the works of Abhibnavagupta, the great Kashmiri Shaiva yogin, polymath and philosopher.

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  • Gebser and Sorokin, towards the end of their lives, both discovered with surprise and great appreciation that, from the beginning of the century onwards, the Indian yogin-philosopher Sri Aurobindo Ghose had developed a philosophy of development which was extraordinary in depth and extent and ran in parallel lines and close to their own concepts.

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  • Near the beginning of Part Two, Heehs writes: "Together they Aurobindo's own writings and accounts of his spiritual experiences may constitute the richest documentation of the spiritual development of an advanced yogin that has ever been made available."

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  • The skilled yogin could now perform mental feats that were impossible for a lay­man; he had revealed the way the mind could work when trained in a certain manner.


  • A yogin might imagine, for example, that one of the higher states of trance was Nibbana and would not make the extra ef­fort to achieve complete release.


  • This was a difficult process, and the yogin needed careful supervision at each step of the way by a teacher, just as the modern analysand needs the support of his or her analyst.


  • But in asana, the yogin is so motionless that he seems more like a statue or a plant than a human being.


  • A process of internal vi­sualization, during which the yogin becomes conscious of his own consciousness.


  • Where traditional yoga had built up in the yogin a state of impervious autonomy, so that the yogin became increasingly heedless of the world, Gotama was learning to transcend himself in an act of total compas­sion toward all other beings, infusing the old disciplines with loving-kindness.


  • Meditative planes achieved by a very advanced yogin.



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