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  • Wait, yotta would measure the diameter of the universe in yards?

    Your Prefix of the Day: Yotta-

  • The range of SI unit prefixes is shown above; “yotta” is the largest accepted prefix, used to measure things like the diameter of the known universe (in yards).

    Your Prefix of the Day: Yotta-

  • In fact, because clouds were "infinitely scalable," there was no limit to the number of yotta bytes they could sell. news

  • For example, the sun, a fairly unimpressive star, releases over 300 yottajoules of energy each second, where yotta- is the highest prefix created in the metric system and is a one followed by 24 zeroes.

    Boston Globe -- Ideas section

  • “Then beyond yotta it begins to get a bit vague. “

    On Past a Petaflop - Bits Blog -

  • Jack Dongarra, a University of Tennessee computer scientist who has been one of the keepers of the Top 500 list, provides a roadmap: “There’s peta, exa, zetta, and yotta,” he wrote in an e-mail recently.

    On Past a Petaflop - Bits Blog -


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  • B.B.C. News: 'The actual number, 1,784 billion trillion, is equal to 1.784 multiplied by 10 to the 24th power, or roughly 1,784 followed by 21 zeroes.

    'Using the International System of Units, this number is called a Yotta.

    'Which is how much exactly?

    '"The Sun has the power of a Yotta microwave ovens," says Chris Budd, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath, by way of explanation.'

    October 24, 2009