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  • I've been lamenting Victorya's lack of character -- no, even worse than that, there's this bitchy entitlement thing going on, masked in an icy guise of aloofness -- and it's like she doesn't even have the zah zah zoo to actually be a bitch -- she's just kind of weakly shitty.

    Liza Palmer: Project Runway Round-Up: Episode 9

  • In its fourth season, expect it to become all that much more clear that the American version of the show isn't really about cooking at all, but rather about the volatile Mr. Ramsay and the audience's anticipation of the next, bigger mental explostion — preferably over a bowl of under-cooked ri-zah-to.

    The Week in DVR: How I Met the Mother of All Shills (And Didn't Care); Battlestar Galactica, Hell's Kitchen Return

  • Panzanella (pahn-zah-NEHL-lah) - Panzanella salad always includes bread and tomatoes plus vegetables from the garden.

    Pondering the pleasure and potential of Panzanella. Salad day #4

  • For example, to tell someone, "This is the biggest house," you say haadhaa ` akbar manzil (hah-zah ak-bar man-zeel).

    Arabic for Dummies

  • Chapter 7: Around Town Mary: maadhaa ra'aytum? mah-zah rah-ay-toom?

    Arabic for Dummies

  • They were really beautiful. haadhaa jamiil. hah-zah jah-meel.

    Arabic for Dummies

  • Here are some common examples of superlative sentences: haadhihi ` ajmal bint. (hah-zee-hee aj-mal bee-net; This is the prettiest girl.) dhaalika ` ab'ad dukkaan. (zah-lee-kah ab-ad doo-kan; That is the farthest store.)

    Arabic for Dummies

  • There is no beach in Marrakech, but it is located near the Atlas Mountains. wa hal yumkin ` an natazallaj fii jabal al-'aTlas? wah hal yoom-keen an nah-tah-zah-laj fee jah-bal al-at-las?

    Arabic for Dummies

  • Do you have an eraser? laHdha. sa ` araa fii maktabii. lah-zah. sah ah-rah fee mak-tah-bee.

    Arabic for Dummies

  • There is plenty of snow there. haadhaa ` ikhtiyaar Sa'b jiddan. hah-zah eek-tee-yar sahb jee-dan.

    Arabic for Dummies


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  • Airport code for Zahedan, Iran.

    December 30, 2009